Over the Pond productions presents Connections; a series of short films exploring connection through the genre of Oratorio music. On the last Saturday of every month a video will be posted on our social media platforms and this will continue until we feel ready to return to the theatre. When it is safe, we will celebrate with a live performance.  
Director and founder Lysanne van Overbeek is working together with soprano Susanna MacRae to run this project, collaborating with talented colleagues who, like them, have been deeply impacted by the pandemic.

“Over the Pond Productions is dedicated to making exciting, physical and relevant productions from and about Europe. Through theatre and music, we want to bring people closer together in a time we seem more distant than ever.”
Initially this statement referred to the disconnect in the UK followed by Brexit; a world where people do not seem to understand each other. However, we currently live in a world where we are not allowed to see our family, our friends, we don’t have access to the things we love and we are fighting with each other whilst we should be working together. 

With Connections we hope to create a link; to loved ones, to hope, to music and to ourselves.