Limitless PD

One in every 500 people get diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease; my mother is one of them.

Yolande Slotboom got diagnosed in 2010 and our lives changed completely. They caught it late, because the initial symptoms were mistaken for stress. It wasn't until others noticed her tremor, that she realized it could be something more. She went to a specialised who was amazed that anyone could have missed it. And by that time she had already progressed a lot. Many doctors’ appointments followed and lots of prescriptions were written. Ten years later, she still isn't stable and it will only get worse.

Parkinson’s changes people, inside and out. It is like being imprisoned by your own body; a constant struggle to move; knowing that it will only get worse; not having any control. The disease is caused by a lack of nerve cells in the brain, which stops a chemical called dopamine being made. Some of the more well-known symptoms are tremors, slowness of movement and stiffness. But many people don’t know that Parkinson's patients also suffer from anxiety, depression, memory problems, constant pain, fatigue, communication problems and much more. We do not understand Parkinson’s disease and there is no cure. Seeing my mother struggling every day, hurts.

That is why we hold our Limitless events: to raise money for the Cure Parkinson's Trust. We organise events on regularly with different themes such as Musical Theatre, The Ratpack or Opera. 

Parkinson's is a horrible disease, but if we work together we can find a cure.


The Cure Parkinson's mission is to find disease-modifying treatments which slow, stop or even reverse Parkinson's. Currently, management of the condition is only symptomatic. Our goal is to discover treatments that change the way the disease progresses and transform the lives of those who live with Parkinson's.